Amber Sanderford Owner

I have over 23 years experience in all things printing. From helping customers think outside the box on small and large projects, to original branding for new businesses, to saving the day with emergency printing jobs, I get to live my dream and do what I truly love!

Logan Sanderford Staff Support in Training

Logan is my 8 year old son. He helps out a lot with motivating us to work faster, so we can go play. He does know how to push the green button on the copier though! We pay him in cookies, and Kit-Kat bars.

Bethany Pinard Support Staff

Oops! We almost forgot about Bethany... Without Bethany we would probably fall apart! Bethany is here in every way to support our sales team as well as play board games with the kiddo, and makes us to go to the beach every chance we get!

Evelyn Provost Support Staff

Evelyn is our support staff in training. She's the one that keeps us going when we hit the wall! She's upbeat and a bit snarky sometimes, but has the biggest heart! I don't know if you'd call her a redneck.. but probably! She can out-Hunt and out-Fish all of us! She's always there to take calls and deliver the local orders. She's pretty fantastic in our book!